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Mini Cordless Chainsaw 6 Inch 2 Batteries, 2 Chains, 1 Bag, Wood Cutting Tree Branches Pruning

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Mini Cordless Chainsaw, 6 Inch Battery Powered Chainsaw, Electric chain saws for Wood Cutting Tree Branches Pruning, Electric Chainsaw, Green ( Small Chainsaw 2 Chains 2 Batteries 1 Bag)

One-Hand and Lightweight Electric Saw

Efficient Gardening Tools - 6 inch mini chainsaw

Rechargeable High-Capacity Battery 

Easy To Install & Operate 

Includes: 2*1500mAh battery pack, 2* manganese steel chains, 1* Mini Chainsaw, 1*Charger, 1*Wrench, 1*Screwdriver, 2*Gloves, 1*Goggles, 1* Manual, 1*Bag